Refrigerator Repair

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You’ve heard the term, ‘It’s cheaper to keep her’.  Well, it’s definitely true in the world of appliances.  While we are impressed with all the new features these new appliances have but we are rarely bowled over with their durability.  Your refrigerator experiences a lot of wear and tear.  Each person in your household opens the refrigerator at least 30 times per day.  Your fridge is not like your oven, T.V. or microwave.  It’s constantly working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You work hard for your money and there’s no need to purchase a new fridge when all the old one needs is a new or refurbished part.

New and Refurbished Parts

What seems like a complicated issue is usually just a matter of replacing a small part.  With older units, it could be a motor or a belt.  With newer models it may be a light board or sensor.  Nonetheless, we’ve got the parts in our inventory.  If we don’t have it, we will order it from one of our suppliers.

We have access to new and refurbished parts.  In fact, our appliance technicians are so good at what they do that they are even able to make minor adjustments to the existing part to get your fridge up and running again.

Old versus New Technology

These new refrigerators are amazing in terms of the features they offer.  The source of a malfunction with a more current fridge may be the light board or software.  Both are quick fixes and it would be our pleasure to make the update for you.  The refrigerators of old are sturdy and durable and have stood the test of time.  With the proper maintenance, your fridge can out live you.

If you happen to have one of those vintage fridges from the 1950’s we’d love get our hands on a little piece of history and have it operating like new.  Our team of appliance repair professionals can repair the existing part or install a new or refurbished one.

Filtered Water & Ice Feature Repair

Gone are the days when you could drink water straight from the tap.  Fortunately, many refrigerators have a filtered water feature that your family has undoubtedly come to rely on for daily use.  Our bodies are between 45% and 65% water, with babies having a higher percentage of about 78%.  If you and your family are particularly active, you must hydrate more often.

In America, we have become spoiled with the luxury of having cold beverages available on demand.  When these two features, stop working or malfunction, the entire household is impacted.  Don’t hesitate to contact us because you can have fresh water and ice in less than an hour.

Picture Taking Feature

You’re stopped by Albertsons to pick up a few things.  But now you can’t recall if you have any sour cream for tonight’s tacos.  Fortunately, that fancy stainless steel fridge your purchased last year has a camera feature that allows you to scan your fridge’s contents from your smart phone.  Now, you’re annoyed because you realize this feature is no longer working.

While we personally feel that the person who created this feature should win a Nobel prize, this feature typically stops working more often than you’d like.  Don’t fret, give us a call and we can repair it for you in a jiffy.


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