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Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair Service

The first dryer in recorded history was the sun. The first human-engineered dryer was a set of twin rollers. Our grandmothers would remove wet clothes from the washing machine drum and then push them through the rollers. The rollers whether hand or electric powered would manually squeeze excess water out of the clothes. The sun was still required for further drying. But at least she didn’t have to use copious amounts of energy ringing out heavy clothing.

Modern dryers have made our lives so simple that we can place our clothes inside and forget about them.

How to Tell When your Dryer Is in Need of Repair

You’ve got a few hours before you have to meet your friends for drinks. Your favorite pair of jeans are dirty and you don’t want to waste energy by washing and drying them by themselves. You decide to do an entire load along with your jeans. After 40 minutes of drying on high heat, the load is still damp. It looks like you won’t be wearing your favorite jeans tonight because the load still isn’t dry.

It’s time to call Boise Appliance Repair Service when you realize it takes an inordinate amount of time to dry a load of clothes. We offer fast and affordable washer dryer repair in Boise, Idaho that very convenient to everyone. Also, we offer other appliance repair services.

Malfunctioning Door

Your dryer will not function when the door is not closed. If your door will not close, gets stuck or you cannot open it, give us a call. Don’t force it closed or pry it open as that will only exacerbate the problem. This is a simple fix and we have the expertise, tools and parts to remedy the situation on the spot.

Speak to one of our appliance repair representatives on the phone. Describe your situation in detail, including the make, model and the serial number of your appliance. At most, you may need a new latch which can be replaced instantly.

Clean Lint Filters

While your clothes tumble about in the dryer, they are heated and tiny particles are released into the drum. The purpose of the lint filter is to catch and collect these particles before they have a chance to be released into the ventilation system. These tiny particles not only make you sneeze, but they are large enough to clog your dryer’s vents. Clogged vents mean that your friendly neighborhood Boise Appliance Repair man must pay you a visit.

Follow this simple tip and increase the performance of your machine. We would rather be informed than misinformed.

Invest in A Drying Rack

Increasingly, more garments are made from viscose, elastic, spandex and other stretchable fabrics. The fibers that make up these textiles expand and snap when exposed to high heat. You will notice that these garments no longer fit or hang properly. It has become socially acceptable for men and women to wear athletic apparel throughout the day. This apparel is primarily comprised of these stretchable fabrics.

Extend the life of your clothes by investing in a multi-layered drying rack. These fabrics are also coated or woven with a moisture-wicking compound. When this compound is exposed to high heat, it dissipates rendering the garment ineffective.

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