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Newer is not always better.  At Boise Appliance Repair Service, we want you to get the most bang for your bank.  In today’s disposable society, it may be hard to believe, but everything that breaks is not in need of replacing.  Sometimes a quick adjustment or part replacement may be all that is required to keep your appliances operating at high efficiency.  No job is too big or too small for the number one appliance repair company in the area.  Perhaps your vacuum cleaner is spewing dust particles and the buttons on your microwave no longer function.

You may be wondering, ‘is there an appliance repair near me?’  The answer is affirmative and we would love it if you would contact us for all your appliance repair needs.  From miniature curling irons to oversized stainless steel refrigerators, we can handle it.

Our services include:

Globalized manufacturing in Asia along with favored nation trading policies have made it so that products are constructed cheaply and quickly.  Most Americans don’t think twice about going to a discount store to purchase replacement appliances at a low price-point.

If you are an advocate of supporting the American economy along with local businesses, consider repairing your appliances versus purchasing a new one.  Your decision to have your appliances repaired locally will directly impact the child and slave labor endured in many overseas factories.  Our purchasing habits are far reaching and have ramifications beyond our borders.


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