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Dishwasher Repair

Boise Appliance Repair Service can help you for dishwasher repair and dishwasher maintenance on any dishwasher brands. We served Boise, Idaho customers with fast and quality repair service at affordable price.

Dishwasher Repair Service

When you went to bed last night, you made sure to run the dishwasher so you could have clean dishes the next day. Your kid came home from school the following afternoon and ran the dishwasher again. Then your husband came home, used a dish, rinsed it and plopped in the dishwasher. In an attempt to be helpful, he ran it again so that you’d have clean dishes for dinner tonight. This happens in nearly every household across America.

Automated dishwasher and commercial dishwasher are wonderful inventions, but inevitably they receive more use than necessary, which requires that they are repaired more often than the saleswoman stated in her sales pitch.


While doing your Saturday morning chores, you ran the dishwasher then went onto your next task. After about an hour, you came into the kitchen and noticed water all over the floor. Your dishwasher, kitchen sink drain and garbage disposal are inextricably connected to one another. If there is a clog with any one of the three, flooding is inevitable.

If this describes your situation, call Boise Appliance Repair Service right away. The problem will not go away on its own. More than likely, we will need to unclog the garbage disposal. We can arrive at your home in less than an hour and remedy the situation in a swiftly.

Soap Dispenser Malfunction

It is a defeat of the purpose to run the dishwasher without soap. That is exactly what happens when the soap dispenser malfunctions. Your dishes are being sprayed with hot water at relatively high pressure, but soap is not being used to disinfect and clean your dishes. This can pose a health hazard, particularly for individuals whose health is already compromised.

When this happens, don’t allow the situation to linger. Give us a call right away and we will provide you with an estimate over the phone about the dishwasher repair. We hate surprises and we know that you do too. We promise not to bill you for unnecessary services.

Cleanliness is Compromised

Your dishwasher serves two important purposes. The first function is to minimize your work output. The second function is to clean and disinfect your dishes and utensils.

If you notice that after running your dishwasher there is still food dried and stuck to your dishes, ‘Boise, we have a problem.’ The issue could simply be a user error and we can definitely instruct you on dishwasher best practices in terms of settings and the best way to load your appliance. It could also be that the spray apparatus is malfunctioning. Of course, we have the tools and parts to repair this issue at the moment.

LED Board Malfunction

We see this term a lot, but what does it really mean? LED is an acronym for the light emitting diode. It was an expensive new advent in the 1960s. Now LEDs are utilized in every modern appliance in America. LEDs are what makes your new refrigerator seem so fancy and high tech. They indicate when something is malfunctioning and when it’s all a-go. The technology is a bit more fragile than we’d like, which means that they often need replacing soon after the warranty expires.

Not to worry because Boise Appliance Repair has LEDs in stock. Whether you need an entire board replacement or a single light change, we’ve got you covered.

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