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Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair Service

At Boise Appliance Repair Service, we are continually impressed by the high tech washing machines that are being introduced to the market annually. There’s no need to tuck them away in the basement or back of the house because they come in an array of colors that coordinate with your existing décor. These days they are more like computers and less and less like machines. With each new feature added, they become more and more temperamental.

It is imperative that you use the right detergent and fabric softener or risk increased error and inefficiency with your high tech machine.

Top Load and Front Load Washing Machine Repair

By design, front load washers are more thorough and energy-efficient. However, if you happen to have a top load washer, we are qualified to repair that too. Regardless of the brand or type of machine you have, our certified technicians are qualified to repair it.

When the modern washing machine was invented in 1908 it allowed American women to multi-task, freeing them from the back-breaking work of using washboards and exposing themselves to harsh borax cleaners. Although there are more eco-friendly detergents available, the same convenience that was afforded our grandmothers is extended to the modern woman and man of today.

Cheaper to Keep Her

The saying, ‘It’s cheaper to keep her’, doesn’t just apply to couples considering divorce. It’s cheaper to save and repair your current washing machine than to replace it with a newer, younger model. Sure, the younger model is more attractive and can do more tricks. But the older model has been steadfast throughout the years, is more reliable and sturdy enough to clean hundreds of more loads of laundry.

Our washing machine repair in Boise, Idaho are affordable and below the market rate. When you discover that your machine is operating inefficiently, contact us sooner rather than later.

Old Model vs. New Model Repair

Washing machines have certainly evolved since the early 1900s when the electrically powered washing machine was first invented. Human beings have gone from pounding clothes against rocks to using hand-powered mechanical technology like washboards to today’s micro-controlled machines. The most modern machines take the guesswork out of doing laundry. The internal computer determines how much water and time is necessary based on the weight and fabric contents inside.

Boise Appliance Repair Service has evolved with the times too and is able to repair both old and new model washing machines.

Washing Machine Protocol

To get the most out of your machine put your sneakers in a perforated laundry wash bag before placing them in your machine. Today’s machines are designed to clean your clothes with less water than the machines of yore. Even a large load shouldn’t require more than a ¾ tub of water. Check all pockets for things like keys and paper. Don’t overload the tub with clothes because doing so will result in wrinkled and partially cleaned clothing.

When you overload your washing machine or dryer, the motor must work harder and the result is the ‘walking’ machine in which the machine scoots across the floor and repair is inevitable.

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