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You went to the dentist and she explained to you that if you weren’t able to clean your molars better, that she’d remove them for you. No one likes the dentist and the thought of enduring several shots in the gums didn’t sit right with you. Initially, you thought she was trying to price gouge you, but when you saw the X-ray, you couldn’t believe that nearly rotten tooth was actually in your mouth.

Doc recommended that you invest in an electric tooth brush with a small head to access hard to reach places. Things had been going along great until 1.5 years later when it stopped charging. A high-end electric toothbrush can run you $119 -$199. Instead of spending money at the dentist or dropping another Franklin at Walmart, contact Boise Appliance Repair Service for any large or small appliance repair. We are able to arrive within the same day and get you plaque free in no time.

The Super Bowl is two days away and you’ve promised to host a watch party. You’ve got the caterer lined up, all the drinks, party favors and decorations. The only problem is that there’s something wrong with your T.V. The cable company has already confirmed that it’s not their fault. You can renege and have another friend host, but your place is more lux and can accommodate more people comfortably. Plus, you have a 65-inch flat screen T.V. with 4K capabilities.

Don’t waste any more time contemplating this predicament. Call us today for tv repair and we will arrive within hours. You’ll be able to host that watch party without fail at a price you can afford.

Service Area: Boise, Idaho

Phone Number: 510-410-3644

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